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"State Races Matter. State and local governments maintain the social safety net and pay for education." Indeed, they do. However, since California's legislature is still likely to have just enough Republicans when the November 2010 dust settles to exercise the tyranny of the conservative minority on state budget and revenue matters, we need to end the antidemocratic legislative "two-thirds" rules for budget and revenue matters here, so we can start closing the tax loopholes enjoyed by corporate interests and the wealthiest Californians. The California Democracy Act will eliminate the means by which a small minority of right-wing legislators--who put the interests of corporations and the very wealthiest among us over the vast majority of those of us who call California home, who place the budgeting process into a state of gridlock year after year and who block funding for education, social services and infrastructure we all need--have done just that for more than thirty years now. Our proposition is simple, just fourteen simple words long: "All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote." To learn more about this geuinely grassroots effort (it is not backed by any special-interest money whatsoever) or--if you are registered to vote in the State of California -to sign the petition yourself, go to www.CA4Democracy.com/.