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Some points here well-made for progressives. I hope your fellow progressives/liberals will take much of it to heart. Perhaps a panel of experts for Democratic candidates would be a good way to apply your ideas. If Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Cree Deeds of Virginia could be brought together to talk about their strategies and success of progressive ideas, it might encourage the Democrats to make higher taxes and regulation a key part of their campaigns. Also, passing the healthcare bill opposed by upwards of 60 percent of American citizens and being sure to support trying terrorists in our courts here on American soil would be good as well. (However, regarding the latter, the Democrat candidates should play down the "show trial" promises of AG Holder and the president that KSM and other high-level terrorists will be given the death penalty.) Spreading the ideas proffered in this column could help progressive (i.e., liberal) Democrats achieve their proper levels of representation in the US Congress--aobut 20-35 percent. Good job!