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Mr. Scahill, as others have said, surely deserves international recognition for his timely and incisive reporting on the real issues in Iraq. I heard this recorded interview with Mr. Kinani several days ago on Democracy Now!, with Amy Goodman, and I had to pull my car to the side of the road. It was so powerful. As a parent, I could not imagine retelling this story, reliving these images over and over again. To see the article, with Mr. Scahill's background information, and the horrors the family still endures, with our federal judiciary dismissing the claims against the Blackwater organization (which, to me, is a complete travesty of justice), is unimaginable. The inner strength and compassion that Mr. Kinani must be blessed with is beyond my comprehension. Thank you for presenting this story, with all its sadness and tragedy, so that others may gain insight and strength from a distant family suffering such a loss.