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I am currently deeply engrossed in reading Mr. Scahill's book Blackwater, which I find to be both engrossing and and shocking. Although I do not know that there is any connection between the facts of both, there is a certain familiarity between parts of it and parts of "The Family," by Jeff Sharlett.

As a retired New York State criminal court judge, and the first recipient of the Justice Thurgood Marshall Award for my actions in blowing the whistle on a corrupt police homicide squad and district attorney's office, I can only imagine the life that both Mr. Scahill and Mr. Sharlet are leading after their honest attempt to expose the workings of both of these shadow organizations, despite the rewards they may have received from publication.

It's somewhat ironic that for the past seventeen years, since failure to be renominated by my own political party which was run by my former law partner, long since deceased, that I too am a resident of North Carolina, the apparent home base of Blackwater.

I refer you to the "biography" page of my website, and simply say "kudos" to Mr. Scahill, and reach out to shake his hand as if I were in his presence.