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My heart goes out to the family of little Allawi. As a parent and a veteran, I am shocked and appalled by the assault on the Iraqi people. I know that there is no amount of money that will help the pain his family has suffered but at least his story will be told.

I often wonder why some American people still feel it is okay for us to invade a soverign nation, inflict unimaginable horrors on innocent people and expect those same people to support us. What would Americans do if another country decided we were a threat and invaded the US? How many "insurgents" and "terrorists" would rise up to fight such an invasion?

Unfortunately this child is one of hundreds of thousand men, women and children killed or maimed by this horrible war and its henchmen.

Jeremy Scahill is one brave soul to stand up and expose Blackwater and the government that let them loose on the world.