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Do-nothing Republican-controlled White House and Congress were replaced by cloned do-nothing Democratic-controlled White House and Congress.

No-clue American media are already starting another round of raising false hope that the next administration or Congress would bring real change to our country.

Without structural changes of our political system, without outlawing the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are equal to citizens in their rights (aren’t corporations supposed to serve the citizens, not other way around!?), without cleaning our electoral system of corruptive addiction to the campaign contributions (for democracy to work, it’s enough for the people to vote for those who represent their interest; if media-created perception matters, the real position of the candidates is completely irrelevant), without exiling the lobbyists from Washington, DC, nobody should be hopeful.

Why would anybody expect that corporate-controlled US media would dare to bite a hand that holds a leash? It was easy to sell out the independent media to corporate America. It will be extremely hard to buy it back. As bad as they are, in such condition they are still priceless to the special interests.

It means that we will elect another class of the politicians with initial high approval ratings, only to send them back home with the single-digit scores on their final exams.

After writing this, I have realized that we shouldn’t be hopeful about getting real change, at least I don’t see a way to implement it without some tectonic events, like a really bad economic crisis.

The problem is that I don’t want a bad crisis, but it seems all the roads lead to Rome.