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"Tell that to the shoppers at Wal-Mart and Costco who are managing to stay decently clothed while still affording some of the diversionary electronic trinkets that keep them from going crazy-mad at the bankers who cost them their jobs and homes."

We don't blame the Chinamen, Robert, we blame Nixon to Clinton with their self-important attitude about free trade. They thought that they were globalists when, in reality, they were just parochial little men who aspired to greatness but didn't have the brains to be village idiots.

The experiment is a miserable failure and we have traded all of our sweat equity on an experiment that isn't working. We have turned a communist country into a military and industrial giant. They executed 5,000 people last year, down from 10,000 the year before, for crimes that amounted to urinating on the sidewalk. While they were running over kids in Tiananmen Square, we looked the other way. They now have the largest standing army in the world and are making large amounts of investments into military hardware. They are the largest manufacturer of cars, and while we diddle with windmills they are firing one new coal electric plant a week. We are, by the way importing those windmills from China. Did I mention that they are investing large sums in nuclear weapons and they told Obama to go diddle on global warming?