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There are some things, like climate or the human body, that are too complex for humans to fully understand, let alone model. The hubris required to claim that you understand climate is considerable. The recent Climategate revelations of deceit and chicanery show that this was more a political undertaking than serious science. The need to "control the climate" is just a wonderful justification for controlling everyone and every business in the world!

Of course people can build models that predict global warming. And as is the case now, when global cooling occurs instead, others will find a new feature to model that "predicts" global cooling. It's a business, and researchers have to get paid. But their followers, who are in it for the "feel-good," not the money, are basically in the Church of Global Warming or else are in it because it furthers their politics. These people, who would sacrifice both our economic standard of living and our personal freedoms, for politics, are not only despicable but dangerous.

The article states that "giving up is not an option, not for anyone who cares about preserving a livable planet for our children."

The is the statement of a "true believer," with all that implies. Perhaps you should get out more.

"The fight against climate change has reached a decisive moment. We must seize it with all our hearts." Fighting against "climate change" makes Don Quixote look like a font of wisdom. The climate will always change, and, as now, it may not change the way you want it to. But of course, if your goal is to control everything, that would provide just more justification, wouldn't it?

"With all our hearts" says way too much about this movement.