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Since when did Randy Moss become a member of government, stupid?! And I agree 100 and 50 percent with the person who said not only is Zirin a hypocrite his damn self but full of crap as well! Please, if this is about his personal "transgressions," then why the F&*K did Zirin wait until now to say something about it?! And well, gosh, golly, gee I guess it's Tiger Woods's job now to protect the poor and disenfranchised in other damn countries! How many poor and Third World folks have you saved, Dave, besides N-O-N-E?! Oh, that's right, the media can always preach what they refuse to practice themselves and can always find some bulls#$t excuse to hold racist judgment on black athletes and celebrities. And before you say "Cabliasian," let's not kid ourselves here, white males in the media have been on their f$#king nut since a half-Negro has been killing it in the world of golf and any stupid, petty, worthless, BS, fake "reason" will do! Save the drama for your momma, Zirin, you are just another whiny, ugly, petty, stupid, racist, phony, jealous, childish, spoiled brat who's mad because the "darkie" is getting a bigger piece of the pie than you!