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Several people have compared what Israel is supposedly doing to Gazans (which they have brought upon themselves by making war) with the situation of Jews in the Holocaust.

Whatever your views on the situation, this comparison is vile and disturbing. While Gazans of course are affected by the situation (again, which they brought upon themselves by violently trying to destroy Israel and murder Jews), in no way are they faced with extermination. The population of Gaza gows larger each year. Food, water, medical and building supplies are regularly let in. People are regularly allowed to travel to Israel and other places for medial and educational reasons. (One of those, a woman who was being treated free of charge at an Israeli hospital for burns inflicted by her husband, recently attempted to murder her medical team and other patients with a bomb.)

Gaza has no death camps or gas chambers. There is no starvation and people have medical care. They could have much more if they were interested in peace, but they are not.

Equating Gaza's situation with the Holocaust, either direct or via implication by saying "Israelis should know better" is a desecration of every soul who was brutally murdered. It is anti-Semitic (see European Union's definition of anti-Semitism) and disgusting. Those who stoop to such a level should be ashamed of themselves.

I haven't heard any response from the supporters of Gazan terror to the mother who posted about her fear for her children as they sat in bomb shelters. What about her safety? Or do Jewish lives not matter?