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I hope that someone far more eloquent than myself has already blasted Alexander Cockburn's "From Nicaea to Copenhagen" for being ignorant and lazy. If Alexander had actually read the paper by Gerlich and Tscheuschner, he would have realized that their numbers don't add up. According to their numbers greenhouses shouldn't work, and neither should solar thermal panels since they "should" re-radiate as much energy as they absorb.

And to me the most outrageous statement, "CO2 is a benign gas essential to life," I suggest that Cockburn should place a plastic bag over his head and see just how benign CO2 can be. Oh and by the way, Alexander, CO2 in high concentrations doesn't just kill people, it kills plants.

And just which pollutants that are actually killing people is this distracting us from? Mercury and sulfur dioxide pollution from burning coal? Sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide from burning gasoline and diesel fuels? Fossil fuels are concentrated pollution, the sooner we get off them, the better for us and the planet.