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Maass is so right, more recent studies have shown predominant dependance on oil results in corruption, lack of innovation, loss of free enterprise and an oligarchic ordained society, run by the happy yet ofter rather cruel and greedy few.

As always, troubles related to the black gold run far deeper: in short, it pollutes not only the natural environment, since we have put ourselves out of that order, but the condition humane as well. Let us take my own country where aforementioned Shell has its headquarters. Neighboring Germany is a country without any huge worldwide-operating oil companies and therefore blessed with a huge incentive to innovate in the fresh, by far cleaner fields of green energy. By legislation where the electricity grid is obliged to take in every single watt produced by green energy suppliers. The catch here is they pay the suppliers an X-amount of money more then those dirty megawatts running through the same system cost, thereby subsidizing innovation. This X-amount more is simply shared by every customer, a rather neat trick via which Germany has managed to become a big player in solar technology.

Here, in the Low Countries--the Swamp, the so-called Polder--the Dutch with their history of windmills keep on betting on that same old horse. Since longtime lobbying has become business-as-usual in politics, reason for me to believe our beloved Shell has successfully put a hold on any innovation whatsoever in a field by far more efficient then whatever those stupid windmills can produce. Someday soon the Sahara and other deserts will keep us humans from committing suicide, which of course global warming is: one can beat windmills, do not forget: even Don Quixote eventually got the message!