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It's so great to see a solid lefty stand up for the truth. Most liberalism today is knee-jerk environmentalist and will believe anything that predicts doom, as long as, they claim, man caused it.

Unfortunately, this lefty can't help but take a pot shot at the Christian faith. Really, what does the Council of Nicaea have to do with a bunch so called scientists pushing the man made global warming hoax? I know both have more to do with faith than science, but the Council was trying to make sense out of Scripture where Jesus claimed to be God ("Before Abraham was, I Am." Or "I and the Father are one"). He was killed just because of this claim. He was no wise or good man. Either he was a liar, a lunatic or the Lord.

I guess it was just too tempting to denigrate the faith of billions the day before they celebrate the birth of their Savior and God.