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While I can appreciate the author's attempt to convey sympathy to those she knows and cares for, I can't help but feel her sympathy is a little one-sided. What about her sympathy for my family, and my children?

What would she have us do?

Right now I sit here in Haifa, Israel, grateful that the border is controlled so rigorously. I moved here in 2006, just two weeks before the bombing of Haifa started. The terror of hiding in a bomb shelter, feeling the bombs crash around you is horrible. Especially when holding your newborn baby in your arms at the same time.

This wasn't Israel's doing. This was a terrorist organization deciding my family and others had no right to live, simply because of our race and religious beliefs. To sit back now and condemn Israel for taking every precaution necessary so that another war doesn't repeat is not a little bit insulting. Those blockades are there to keep the terrorists out, and even then, they are still constantly finding tunnels dug under the desert, and used to move weapons into Israel. And there are still, daily, bombs being launched into Israel. Why isn't that being condemned!?

No one wants innocent people to get hurt, but why aren't you writing about the violence of Hamas? Why aren't they taking any of the blame you are dishing out? Aren't the Jewish families worthy of your bleeding heart?

I for one would love to not have to worry about our neighboring government wanting our death and destruction. I for one would love to see peace, and to be able to vacation in Gaza (such beautiful beaches). Until that day though, I for one am happy that Israel will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe and sound.