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Thank you for printing Nancy Murray's moving editorial on Gaza. I traveled to Gaza this summer with CODEPINK and witnessed what she describes--the amazing fortitude and hopefullness of the people of Gaza in the face of incomprehensible injustice. I will be going on the Gaza Freedom March because I am compelled to stand in solidarity with the people I met there, but most of all because as a US taxpayer I am directly responsible for their plight. Every single bomb that has fallen on Gaza, every bulldozer that has destroyed a house, every bullet shot by soldiers at civilians has been made possible by the financial support of my government. The blockade against Gaza is enforced by Egypt and Israel with the support of our country. Three generations of my family will participate in the march. We are asking our other relatives and friends, and <i>The Nation</i>'s readers, to join the solidarity actions that will be held in US cities on New Year's Eve.