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There is still time to shame Congress into subjecting the healthcare industry to standard antitrust legislation to abolish their price-rigging and force them to outbid each other. Additionally, as a price to do business and as a service to the nation, they should be forced to compete in states where only one insurer is active.

Most important, a "reasonable profit" limit should be imposed on them (and on doctors, etc., who facture, say, more than $200k per year), a limit akin to those nominally imposed on weapons manufacturers when they sell anything to the government.

Healthcare is at least as important as national defense. The government needs only to imitate the few tricks that it uses on a daily basis to keep in check (somewhat) the greed of the military-industrial complex.

Even if "Medicare for all" and the "public option" are killed by bribed Congressmen, nobody will be able to defend the position that marketplace laws meant to foster competition should not apply to the cartelized healthcare sector, for which competition obviously means nothing at all.

Let's put the healthcare leeches and their co-bloodsucking bribed politicians on the spot using their own arguments about free markets !

And let's hear what they can invoke to justify that the weapons industry be more heavily regulated than, and not be allowed to be as "profitable" as, the healthcare leeches.