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The politicians and media would have us believe that America is divided, on everything. Splintered. I don’t buy it. We may disagree on specific issues but that doesn’t divide us anymore than a disagreement with a family member breaks up a family.

When I read and listen to what the public has to say about healthcare reform, I’m not hearing that many differences. We may have different ideas about how to go about it, but we all want helpless victims caught in the nightmare zone of a health system that is wrapped tightly in the grip of people trying to pass themselves off as businessmen to get the help they need. I say trying to pass for businessmen, because any truly good business person knows that profit over all else is a formula for failure. These “people” are hit and run “me-firsters” that will do anything to get theirs and then. They are common criminals getting away with murder.

When I see anyone using healthcare reform as a platform for their special issues, it tells me everything I need to know about them. They have instantly moved me to the opposite side of their cause. Legalizing their behavior doesn’t change the realities of it.

People are dying. It has to stop. We have to reach a goal of care for everyone as soon as humanly possible. It is time to put aside every other cause and focus on the ball. Rich and poor must go back to back. Prolife and prochoice must go back to back. Atheists and all religious people must go back to back.

We must unite for what is right. To do anything less is not just anti-American, it’s inhuman.

I believe we are long overdue for a national health care service. Not insurance, healthcare. Volume buying and elimination of the middleman is not an unproven concept. It would create jobs. If we make certain that our politicians stipulate that what we need is made in America, we could help restore our manufacturing base.

Anyone that thinks the government cannot be efficient has never forgotten to pay their taxes or tried to duck the draft.

If you have a better idea, then fine, as long as anyone that needs care, gets it. And let’s make it quick. There are people, our countrymen, out there and they are in a lot of trouble.

All for one and one for all. That’s where it’s at.