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First, I would like to say that Mr. Zirin makes some great points, things that didn't even cross my mind, about sponsors and their social responsibility (or lack thereof). However, I will say that his comments about Dubai are more than inaccurate. He quoted John Hari, who I find to be an Arab-American racist individual, as I read his articles in The Independent all the time. He clearly hates Arabs and Muslims, there is no doubt about that, and I have written to him on more than one occasion about blatant lies I have found in his articles, and that includes his articles about Dubai. Nobody in Dubai works for $3 dollars a day; it is expensive to live there and $3 won't cut it. People from Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and India flock to Dubai because their wages are better than those other countries hands down, otherwise they wouldn't leave their countries for work. Make sense? Also, I think "sex trade" is a bit heavy to describe your run-of-the-mill prostitution. Yes, Dubai has prostitutes, it is nothing but Eastern European and other women prostituting themselves for money--that, my friend, happens all over the world, not just Dubai, and it is terrible. This is by no means something that is organized by the government, as John Hari would have us all believe. So to single out Dubai as a human rights violator for this is more than a stretch.

As for Tiger, I don't care about him or what he does, but when he has unprotected sex with these promiscuous women, including pornography stars (as has been reported by them this week), and then has sex with his wife, exposing her to disease, and potentially endangering her life, that is where his rights end and hers and the children's begin. And this is why I think he is a terrible person--he had completely no regard for the life of his wife and children, and that is where the real crime is. Scumbag, period.