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Tiger Woods is the very picture of modern-day apathy in today's celebrity culture. To the victor go the spoils. And the spoils are more obscene than his sexual transgressions.

Quite unlike the sports icons of an earlier age like Ali, Ashe and Clemente, Woods's role model for behavior has been His Airness Michael Jordan, who has demonstrated for all how to be both selfishly successful and black.

While turning an indifferent eye to anything more charitable than yet another tax loophole for the millions he has "made" playing golf, Tiger, we now discover has relieved himself of the numerous pressures of the links--not by using his tremendous influence for the betterment of society and mankind but by the sordid pleasure found with numerous whores.

And, all the while, this pathetic little corporate creature has been peddling that perfect little life of his, marketing everything from sports drinks to cars while retiring to his Florida man-made mansion to survey it all.

Tiger Woods has the kind of wealth and celebrity that the vast majority of us will never know. And what has he done with it? Given his taste for promiscuity, I can only guess what sort of fringe benefits were offered him by the sheiks of Dubai to come and play golf.

To be sure, the crimes of Tiger go well beyond his taste in sex. He can hardly be faulted for the bedroom pleasures offered to him because of his stature. But like Jordan, Tiger is all about personal greed and pleasure, and the hypocrisy that goes with it. And like Jordan, it should come as no surprise to anyone that with an ego as large as his bank account, the soul of Tiger Woods has been transformed into something much more grotesque than he came into the world with.

Capitalism kills.