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Interesting article. I understand what you are saying, but maybe you're being a little extreme.

Firstly, the Chevron event: the squeaky image is very much part of Tiger Woods's image and branding. The key to his success is that he monetizes his brand exceedingly well. From a pure business concern, the Dubai (and the USA project) are both über-exclusive and very lucrative for him. They are both private and we will not (in all likelihood) have a chance to play on it. I think one of the problems is that he is linked to these as his "first" projects. I am sure that if he opened a high end but maybe semi-private course, then the Dubai project would not have been such a big deal.

In the past, Tiger has accepted a massive appearance fee to play in Dubai and the publicity shot of him teeing off the roof of the Burj Hotel was quite a stunt. So the issue of him chasing the bucks has been brought to the forefront. But look at his earnings, his $85+ million per year is almost all from the Nikes etc. That is business, not greed (he does seem to select pretty clean sponsors).

I think his image is affected by his personal life issues and his choice of projects, but I think he has well enough good will and branding to see him through this. Now, if his next projects were in Tibet, Zimbabwe or Columbia... maybe we might be in a better light to comment.

A side note about his personal affairs. His real crime was that he was caught. In the case of being the most recognized sports star in the world, these stories were always going to emerge. Look at the tabloids. Stats have shown that a hefty percentage of both men and women have had their indiscretions, but most haven't been caught.