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Please, please, please, Ms. Pollitt, don't make this promise "subject to debate." This woman has created more distress and havoc in the last twelve months that most armies cause in one's lifetime (except the US army, of course, which creates more distress in one hour than anything on earth).

Let Sister Sarah and her PR-hate-machine die on the vine like all others. Then maybe Billy Graham will get his Gulfstrram II "bus" back safely. Her latest insult to the intelligence left in Minnesota, after the invasion of Michelle Bachmann, is to call for "English-only" press to cover her "bus-based" (Gulfstream II) book tour get-together at the Mall of America. What an insult to all American citizens.

It's seems clear to all rational folks watching this spectacle from the outside that she and her "people" have been to a Klan meeting starter seminar recently, given this kind of behavior. This looks and smells like the beginnings of the civil rights movement in the '60s, which turned extremely violent and left our nation changed forever. I was there.

She needs to return to her new, free house in Alaska, stop calling herself "governor" because she's not (she quit), and fade into the mundaneness of everyday life. Unless the people of Alaska despise her so much now, based on what she has perpetrated on them over the last couple of years, they won't let her come back! That would be a laugh.