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I am amazed (though frankly not surprised) at the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from my side of the political spectrum over Obama's Afghanistan decision. Mr. Hayden's piece encapsulates the mindset perfectly.

I am amazed because the president has done exactly what he promised to do as a candidate: drawing down in Iraq (in progress), and fighting the "war of necessity" in Afghanistan. Whether I agree that we have a chance of success there or not is beside the point. I knew when I voted for him that he was committed to this path.

As for Mr. Hayden's other complaints, there is not much that Obama is doing or is in the process of doing that contradicts his campaign rhetoric. In fact, less than one year into his presidency, I would say that he has made a fair amount of progress. It's not magic, it's a process.

So go ahead and scrape off that bumpersticker. It's just this kind of pouting that will put the neocons back into the White House.