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Your first paragraph states it best. The Afghanistan surge doesn't make any sense. So, why is Obama doing this? It's because it's not his decision.

The real "deciders" are the men of the international banking cartel; they're the real power behind the throne. All of the presidents, since 1910, have been nothing but puppets of these greedy bastards.

Obama's speech, last night, was nothing more than a regurgitation of what the people who really run this country, and the world, told him to say. Obama doesn't call the shots; the real owners of this country tell him what to do. They want a surge, they get a surge.

These wars, and the impending war with Iran, are not meant to be won; they're meant to be sustained. War is good for business. American and indigenous casualties mean nothing to these greedy monsters. It's nothing personal, it's just good business.

Until you and the rest of America wake up to the fact that the New World Order is enveloping this country, and the globe, we'll never be free. We're heading toward feudalism.