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Impeach. We owe Barack Obama nothing. We've already given him more than we had a right to give anyone: all of the soldiers who died after the deadline that Obama himself, as a Senator and a presidential candidate, set for the return of our troops.

He owes us. Who better than another senator to have said of Hillary Clinton that the evidence upon which she'd based her prowar vote was the same pile of nothing that Bush-Cheney tried to get us to accept? Yellowcake. Yellowcake, my ass.

"Magical thinking" isn't the term for what's been taking place in our names in DC.

Hillary Clinton could not have impeached Bush-Cheney without first impeaching herself. Hillary Clinton, of her own volition, made herself unable to represent those of her constituents who'd have had her move to impeach Bush-Cheney. Hillary Clinton's constituents were, for a very long time, without representation in Congress. And journalists, some of them employed by The Nation, have believed that they were mocking the idea of tea parties.