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The police receive a 911 call at 2:30 am and when they arrive find you semi-conscious, bleeding, shoeless and lying beside your wrecked car with your wife muttering something about smashing windows with a golf club to help you escape the locked vehicle. The wreck is yards from your home and it is apparent that you gained enough speed from the end of your driveway to knock over a fire hydrant and smash, with considerable force, into your next door neighbors tree.

Now what? When the police consider these circumstances to warrant some investigation or explanation you tell them I want to keep it private and they say, "Well, in that case..."?

Something violent occurred that night. And not one article mentions that there are two children in the house 10o feet away. This "accident" required investigation in spite of his celebrity and not because of it. I grew up with horrific domestic violence and sit here scarred decades later. Perhaps if someone had investigated further back then when the police were called... You are all making your own interesting points and getting checks for doing so, but you are missing the point. The children.