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Obama's choice? He has no choice. He's not in charge. He dances to the tune of the international banksters. He doesn't make any policy decisions; he regurgitates those decisions to his minions and the press.

His predecessor didn't make any decisions either, neither did Clinton, papa Bush, Reagan and on and on back to the year 1910. So quit writing about changing Obama's mind about anything. The only decisions he makes are what clothes to wear and what to have for dinner. His speeches are dictated to him.

Your kind of articles do a great disservice to the American people. You keep the secrets of the real power in this country. The owners of the Federal Reserve are the real power in this country and around the globe.

That's why there's been no policy changes since Bush left office. It doesn't matter who's president or who's in Congress. They're all marching to the same drum, because they're all corrupt.

And voting? Voting only works for the people in charge, and if it doesn't, they change the results to suit their desires.