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In reference to the benefits provided by the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare, you state: "You don't get much more 'socialized' than that!" I beg your pardon, but I am a veteran and, sir, I earned those benefits. Likewise, those who worked under Medicare-covered employment for at least ten years also earned and paid towards that coverage. There is no equivalency between these earned benefits and "socialized" medicine. Rather, "socialized" medicine extends benefits to people who did not earn those benefits and are financed on the backs of others.

Look, the Democrats have designed their bills to impose a skimpy penalty for employers who drop their employees' coverage. The Democrats know full well that employers would rather pay the insignificant penalty than pay the much larger insurance premiums, particular when the "government option" will inoculate these employers from accusations of being heartless. This will result in millions of people being sent off to the "government option," just like the single-payer socialists want. So much for Obama's claim that: "If you like your insurance, you can keep it." He should have added, "If you can."