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Katha Pollitt's knowledge of recent American political history seems to have started with the 2008 presidential election. She seems to have no awareness whatsoever of any other famous, incredibly flawed, female political train wrecks. For example, the name "Hillary Clinton" comes to mind. This walking lampoon of a Machiavellian career first lady and professional coattail-rider has provided us all with well-documented, forehead-slapping antics for the last fifteen years.

Placing aside Pollitt's apparent one-sided or simply limited knowledge of recent American history, I really have to object to her characterization of any form of clothing Sarah Palin wears, and her bizarre fixation over multiple written pieces on Palin's appearance or "looks." Further, I object strenuously to the use of the phrases "Caribou Barbie" or "Political Barbie." Pollitt's (repeated) use of these terms is denigrating to women in politics, denigrating to the cultural heritages of people who are not part of the East Coast establishment chattering class, and reflects more on Katha Pollitt than on Sarah Palin.

I do not believe Palin has any business holding office; however, unlike so many of her self-proclaimed "feminist" (elitist, insular, and dogmatic) critics, she certainly made it to an elected office, a serious one, quite regardless of what any of the rest of us think.

One can only hope that Pollitt's catty jihad against Palin truly is coming to an end. It's not just onerous and tiresome, it's embarrassing to watch Pollitt expose her issues for all to see while calling it "feminism" or anything serious at all.