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Jealous much, Ms. Pollitt? To say that your article is drivel is to give you too much credit. Have you read Palin's book? Of course not! You haven't read her book, because to buy a copy would contribute to her success. Your ego couldn't stand that. Let me clue you in. Palin's book is concise, smart, funny, touching, fascinating and well-written. Go back and read the first paragraph of your own article. And you have the nerve to talk about train wrecks. Ms. Pollitt, do you know what a run-on sentence is? Your article is full of them. Oh, but you meant it to be that way. Okay. Sure you did.

Ms. Pollitt, when you look at Sarah Palin you see a very intelligent, successful, accomplished, and yes, sexy, woman with beautiful kids and a handsome husband. When you gaze in the mirror at your own reflection, you see none of these. You can't stand Sarah Palin because you don't measure up to her. What galls you even more is the fact that Palin doesn't give a rat's hind leg that you don't like her. So even if you tell everyone you'd rather go sit in the corner and eat worms than read or write another article about Sarah Palin, you know in your heart it won't matter. Palin will go on happily being a success.

You call yourself a "feminist," then mock and moan about Palin's shapely calves and sexy curves. I'll bet you even got in front of a full-length mirror and tried the beauty queen pose yourself, didn't you? But your own pose didn't look so good did it? You just hate. Her. So. Much.

Ms. Pollitt, you claim that this is the last article you will write about Sarah Palin--ever. But you know it won't be. So do us all a favor. Get yourself a diary. Get one of those with the little lock and key. Get one with a flying unicorn and a rainbow on the cover or with cute, fluffy kitties. The next time you're tempted to write something about Sarah Palin, write it in your diary. Then lock it with your key, tuck it under your pillow and clap your hands ecstatically. Look in the mirror, give yourself a little hug, and tell your reflection, "I sure told that poopy head what I thought of her." Please do that and spare the rest of us. Because the only thing more stupid than your article is the people who paid you to write it.