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It is a nice speech, and it supports the obviously correct course of action, but must we always be so delicate? Afghanistan and Iraq are the last administration's wars. Why do we always have to pussyfoot around? Just say, "Sorry, the guys before us screwed up, and now we are going to try to right that wrong." I know, a lot of the people in Congress supported these wars, and the president has to choose his words carefully to avoid alienating them. Also, and perhaps most important, some people and companies have made a lot of dough off these wars, and a lot of that blood-soaked money keeps members of Congress in their comfortable positions. Alas, a president can never speak the truth without adding many spoonfuls of "sugar" to disguise its bitterness..

Last but not least, I really hate the "Good night, and God bless America" line. If any self-respecting president chose to be truly forthright and honest, that childish line would have to go. I would prefer a closing line like, "May you all enjoy peace and prosperity."