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Tom Englehart's suggested speech would be a fantastic alternative to what we'll be hearing Tuesday: another Democratic President rolled by the Republicans, the Washington media and the defense establishment.

If you haven't already seen/heard Bill Moyers's Nov 20 broadcast of the LBJ tapes' secret Vietnam discussions, please do so. Johnson was not, as we lefties prefer to believe, a ruthless killer, delighting in the slaughter of Vietnamese babies and American "boys." But he let himself be rolled by Barry Goldwater and the rest of the Republicans, by the fear of impeachment if he didn't act sufficiently "tough" and by the generals, whose only interest then and now seems to be throwing more troops into the meat grinder.

Really, as Mr Englehart suggests, it's time for a Democratic president to try something different. Mr. Obama is "something different"--which ought to present an opportunity for a radical change in policy.

Even though, sadly, it won't.