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Katha Pollitt implies we are all fascinated by Sarah Palin. What a lot of bull. Many of us read about her here and there, glancing only, and then move on. I skimmed this article because I was taken by the title "Last Column About...Palin." Oh, ha ha. Sure.

Basically, what I feel is not fascination but profound disgust--motivated, especially, by her massacre of the wildlife in that beautiful state she did not deserve to govern and about which she crooned, "Oooh, I love Alaska so." But not its wildlife. I never saw any mention nor justification of her wanton cruel killing of wolves and their pups. Did she feel threatened? Why is that subject--her awful ecological record--never mentioned? A shadow on her "glorious" image?

A pox on Palin, and take heed, all you silly admirers--if indeed she becomes president, we will be destroyed (figuratively).