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Pollitt's penultimate sentence observes the following about Angela Merkel: "So far as I know, there are no Angela Merkel nutcrackers or plastic dolls in slutty costumes for sale on the Internet." In a convoluted way, of course, what Pollitt means is that Sarah Palin is a slut.

Overblown or even overused as Palin's martyr complex may be, I think Pollitt has proved Palin's point. There's a touch of irony in Pollitt conceding that there is something to Palin's charges before Pollitt herself commits the offense. More accurately, Pollitt's awareness of the offense is an aggravating factor, as opposed to mere irony.

The anti-Palinites are also guilty of the much greater offense of which Palin charges them--elitism. It is obvious to anyone schooled in the intellectual's environment that Sarah Palin is not of the same high brainpower as Hillary Clinton. Yet, what both of them have--and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama too, for that matter--as opposed to George Bush 2 or Al Gore, is that they are all "self-made." They came from humble beginnings and their talents have gotten them somewhere. The trouble is, because Palin took a different route--no Yale, for instance, but good "Republican cloth schools" as Nixon might have put it, she is marginalized and assumed an idiot by the main stream media.

Well, the old-school values taught to me, and which have proved invaluable in my own career, posited that there is talent everywhere and everybody has something to contribute. I was also taught that pride goeth before the fall and not to think so highly of oneself that her or his head swells. Today, the left is all full of head-swelling, and they may find it bursting when the non-elites have their pockets picked just a bit more by all the geniuses in Washington, DC, who, as the evil Glenn Beck points out, are destroying our currency and trying to grab 17 percent of our economy to line their own political pockets.

Sarah Palin is not my cup of tea for president under present circumstances, and one of those reasons is that I'm not sure she does have the depth for that very big job--but, few do. Yet, Sarah Palin has plenty of talent, has done all of her jobs capably and honestly, and although I don't think she got two 800s on her SATs, I note that you can't find Barack Obama's SAT scores on the Internet, either. George Bush 2 got in the upper 5 percent, nationwide, by the way.