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With all due respect, I think Ms. Pollitt is exceedingly partisan and unfair.

Palin may be provincial, may not have a first-rate, Ivy League education, but she is incredibly charismatic, courageous and appealing.

Her positions are, frankly, simply center-right mainstream positions. She never offered to ban books or does she believe in creationism. More lies have been spread about her than any candidate in history. She is so "aburd" that she has been offered in toto close to $100 million in speaking fees, and she is the only Republican on the stage now who seems to inspire real passion among Republicans outside the few elitists like David Brooks, who isn't really a Republican and certainly not conservative.

What does Pollitt hate so much about her? That she is prolife, like 51 percent of the country? That she was appalled by the media and her own campaign refusal to take Obama to task for Reverend Wright?

Let's face it. If she had aborted her last child and had a D after her name, Pollitt would have liked her. She did not govern Alaska from the right. In fact, she was very centrist. I wonder if Pollitt's ilk hates her because she is gorgeous. I have never been able to figure out the obsession.