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I am of the same generation, in a similar lack-of-employment situation, and I found these letters to be heartbreaking. However, we as a generation have got to stop feeling entitled to the "American dream" and the job opportunities that were supposed to come with it. The world is on the brink of either disaster or awesomeness, and how it ends up depends on where our generation takes it. I know not everyone is a born entrepreneur, but we can no longer expect to sit pretty with a comfortable job where someone tells us what to do every day. The only option is to realize this truth and get out there and contribute to society--no excuses, because a job is not a prerequisite for this. Apply your education to solving the problems around you, or don't. I refuse to believe that not having a job in the formal sector prevents me from doing anything meaningful. I realize that I may be attacked for being a silly idealist, but something's got to change. If it's not traditional employers, then it's us.