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One point that struck me about this issue is this: where are the grassroots? I came out of the 1960s, when we had many rallies, marches, and protests around women's issues. Now, we leave this issue to organizations like NOW and NARAL--good organizations, but we can't expect them to fight all our battles. Out of sight is out of mind, and women's grassroots groups have been out of sight for too long. Congresspeople have to start seeing us--literally--in the streets and in their offices. Call them, write them, visit them--but stay in their line of view. In the end, women vote, and that is our power.

As for the Catholic Church--well, I would hope that any self-respecting woman with a brain could see that this misogynist ole boys club will never work in our interests. The Church has a history of low-keyed violence against the most vulnerable groups: women, children, gays. Its "charitable" services come with a price: do as we say or we'll pull the plug. Respect for women and children is a huge black hole in the Catholic Church. Fortunately, it's a voluntary organization--one can always opt out.