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Less than a year ago, Pollitt wrote that if one was sick of reading about women named Rielle, one should elect more women leaders. In addition to trying to kick John Edwards to the curb, she clearly meant that women should be in office because they're women. But that was before Sarah Palin came to the fore. People voted her governor of (the largely socialist) Alaska and we get to read about kids named Track, Trig and Bristol! Consider this and the fact that had a serious presidential contender has a daughter named Chelsea, and I'm only glad I stopped believing that "women hold up half the sky" pap years ago.

I know lots of the snarks laying into Palin lately have pointed out that these photos of her prove that the abstemiousness and continence she and her base advocate are clearly only for others to do. Still, it would have been much more relevant to Palinanity if a Nation columnist had. The fact that the media wouldn't do this to Mike Huckabee or a man is, well, a fart in a tornado.