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As I read this, I am developing a disheartening and sicking sadness. There seems to be an almost incredulous disconnect between both the available and all-too-present current economic realities we are facing (and the historical perspectives we have available) and the diametrically opposed and clearly ineffective actions by the administration and the Congress. I am forced (at the moment) to understand it all in only two ways.

The first, concerning the president, I can only grasp as it is explained in this essay. While this may appear harsh and "excruciating" (to use the author's word), it is also a perspective with which is very difficult to quibble.

The second, as regards Congress, may best be understood by simply observing the nonsensical dawdling by that body on health care and the curious non sequiturs we get from the likes of Ms. Pelosi, who spoke this morning of "pulling our punch" with jobs and the economy. This means what, exactly? And accomplishes what by its utterance?

The president is operating from a completely different sphere of influence than is the rest of the nation, and the Congress is operating in a manner clearly driven more by showmanship rather than by electoral servitude of any kind.

In any case, the disconnects are so alarming because either party could pay attention to the likes of Mr. Greider and we would all be so much the better. Sad, indeed.