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The climate change movement seems to be filling a void for those who have a need for blind faith in a set of unprovable tenets but who are not attracted to the usual suppliers, e.g., Christianity , Islam etc.

Similarly the climate change movement apes religion in its credo of self flagellation--"I am a poor , unworthy sinner who must suffer for my sins"--"I am a poor unworthy polluter who must suffer for my carbon emissions."

And in the intolerance towards nonbelievers the parallels are uncanny. Nonbelievers are infidels who are unworthy of respect and will burn in hell. Nonbelievers are evil conspirators who are in the pay of the oil companies and should be banned from airing their views.

While their followers do as they say the preachers do as they do with the certainty that no matter what their transgressions they can receive forgiveness, whether the absolution is through confession or carbon offsets.

The earth's climate will continue its path with no consideration for our fate. Humankind will adapt or perish as we head through this warming interlude before the onset of the next period of glaciation.

While everyone is free to embrace their personal belief system, there has to come with that embrace the humility to treat the beliefs of others with equal respect and reverence. When a movement looses this perspective it becomes a negative force--undermining its credibility and its message.

My own beliefs? As H.L. Mencken said , "The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it." And in response to that my way forward is, to paraphrase Marcus Aurelius, "not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding myself in the ranks of the insane."