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First, a gigantic Thank You to 350.org for their part in building and demonstrating, globally and locally, the public will that in turn builds political will.

Second, despite also recognizing Al Gore's tremendous work (thank you), I do want to ask him to do more. I want to ask him to do more in one specific area, which I feel "our choice" leaves out even more than it does in the general how-to-build-political-will area.

On the Rachel Maddow show, in expressing his optimism regarding climate and energy legislation in the Senate, Gore told Maddow: "There's much more dialogue and progress behind the scenes than is visible publicly." Shortly thereafter, in the same context, he winked at her, as a further indication of encouragement and optimism.

But when speaking the words "behind the scenes," Gore should have winced, not winked.

The current paradigm that takes behind-the-scenes negotiations (see "The Waxman Report: How Congress Works") for granted and sees these as a necessary legislative condition is surely one of the central problems in translating public will into political will.

For citizens to have a chance at being the informed public on which our democracy depends, we need to know what changes are made to bill versions, what those changes mean, who made them and why. This would seem a perfect fit for Gore's interests at the cutting edge intersection of democracy, technology and equality.

Finally, another big Thank You to the Congressional offices and the NGOs who have enabled real progress on this issue of transparency in 2009. But so much more is needed. We need to go far, quickly, on this issue.