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I kind of agree with Mr. Baxter [below]. My feeling after reading the article was that most of those nonprofit, couch-sleeping former Obama organizers would find themselves in law school (where most were headed before the campaign) in just a few short years. Most of the people profiled in the article did not seem to be on a sustainable path, and I am assuming that one day they will wake up and decide that they need to get a real job with real money and stop living off of other people's couches. I would be more interested to hear about the Obama organizers' outlooks on life about ten years down the road when they are living in reality.

I had hope for Obama, but my healthcare premiums are rising next year, along with rising prescription medication costs and dropped vision services. This rise in healthcare costs has happened after an entire summer dedicated to talking about healthcare reform. I just don't believe that much change is going to come. As Joe Biden said on The Daily Show, "It is socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for the rest." That statement just about sums up my mood about Obama, and his spunky organizers.