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What do you mean we don't know what happened? Pure unmitigated greed by the Wall Street banksters. And the American people rewarded them for their efforts. It's now happening again.

The only people making money are the Wall Street banksters. These types of profits actually exacerbate the depression by withholding investments in the real economy and encouraging more speculation in the market. It's actually exponential greed.

Lack of meaningful regulation, thanks to Clinton and "W." The same people who started this latest depression, under Clinton, are the same people working for Obama now. So what kind of meaningful banking regulations do you think we'll be getting from the Obama administration?

Obama's just dancing to the tune of the men behind the curtain. There's going to be another Wall Street bust, and that will take the remainder of the middle class's investments.

The only genuine reform is to get rid of the Federal Reserve and have Congress issue and regulate the supply of interest-free money, as stated in our Constitution.