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I agree with the need for an inquiry as to the cause of the financial crisis. I wonder what will be said about all the greedy people who borrowed money to buy and refinance houses they couldn't afford and ran up credit card debt at a record pace. Were people being forced to take out risky mortgages?

Will progressives conveniently forget that predatory lenders were not the only ones pushing risky mortgages? What about all the fair-housing advocates such as ACORN, Fair Housing Advocates Association, Fair Housing Alliance, Board of Realtors, Consumer Credit Counseling, Civil Rights Commission, City Wide Development, Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Development, Congressional Black Caucus, etc.? Much of their advice might have been well-intentioned, but some of it was most likely self-serving and risky.

Also, will members of Congress like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, etc. be mentioned, or will progressives make sure they get a pass as usual?