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Mr. Grandin, Where do you get your facts?

I'm not against anyone publishing their personal opinions but, if this is news it should be facts. I know how the media works, I've been working for media for a while now too and I know the pressure that exists from "above" to publish or not publish something or add some "color" to it to attract readers and basically SELL more. But, alarming people and causing monetary and reputation damages to OUR COUNTRY??!!

Textually citing you: "More than a dozen Zelaya supporters have been executed over the last four months. Security forces have illegally detained nearly 10,000 people; police and soldiers have beaten protesters and gang-raped women. And the very idea of a negotiated solution to the crisis grants legitimacy to those provoked it."

Police and soldiers have NOT beat up and gang-raped women! What is your problem sir? Have you come to Honduras and seen this yourself! I do not support neither Micheletti or Zelaya, because I don't support one-man's work, it is the whole party and most of the un-educated people that lead this country and lead it to a bad place. I personally was on the street and followed with sticks, stones and guns one day when we were praying to GOD on the street, and members of the Zelaya party chased us down. Watch the videos in youtube.com, look for proof, come to Honduras, come to San Pedro Sula and look at the broken businesses downtown, come and see the malls and the contstant bombs they put in the bathrooms in Multiplaza in Tegucigalpa, in Galerias del Valle in San Pedro Sula. Why don't you come and see for yourself before writing things that aren't true?