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Interesting exercise in self-flagellation over the last few months watching politicians and pundits align themselves with every useless cause they can think of trying to gain a skirmish advantage over their grunting partners.

Fear this, wave that, tea, napalm, heavy water and dirty diapers. What a myriad of insane images we have to deal with all coming from a medium that strives to tell us the truth when they don't have a clue what the truth is and wouldn't if it hit them all in the head at once. The mainstream media (whatever that means) is a self-indulgent collection of garbagemen (term used generally to describe all that participate) trying their collective bests to pry that last truth dollar out of our masses' hands so they can buy a martini tonight.

Well, I hope you all collectively choke on them. Not the easy, correctable choke but the chicken bone down the throat kinda choke. Enjoy that moment, media titans--it's the beginning of the end for you chumps.

When the people labeled "the Republicans" or anyone that the conservative movement puts out in public with that sticky label draped across their foreheads come out and declare that any legislation that has anything to do with any subject relating to a woman's choice of what happens to her body concerning birth control, the choice can't be made by mere mortals, it has to be taken up to the hall of the "church" to get a reasoned reply. What a charade of fairy tales these clowns regurgitate. What bile. Their scepters made of Republican/conservative/hatemonger bile should no longer be acknowledged but swept away by waves of anti-stupidity vibrations coming from those who have woken up from this seemingly perpetual nightmare.

Birth control should be a natural part of healthcare and we should treat it just like any other human condition and treat it the same way. But no, stupidity seems to get in our way because we tell ourselves we believe something that we don't. And then, all of this stupidity starts to happen and everything good about us goes away too. Shame.