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I guess there's going to be so much money spent on coverage of Viagra and Cialis that there won't be enough left to cover women's contraceptives.

I'd like to suggest a tactic from the days of budget debates over Vietnam: pick a weapons system, any one. Identify its cost. Then talk about what we could cover in healthcare needs (or education, or jobless benefits, or housing) if Congress eliminated just one airplane or system, or whatever.

I am so tired of hearing these "budget hawks" bleat about the cost of healthcare (or any other domestic program) at the same time as they vote again and again for wasteful war spending and refuse to install any means of oversight and control and refuse to prosecute those who commit fraud.

Obama deserves a huge helping of shame for his "it must be budget-neutral" BS re the healthcare bill, and his quixotic, useless pursuit of "bipartisanship."

As it says across my chest, "I voted for change in 2008, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."