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I just want to say that I disagree wholeheartedly with Dave Zirin's article about how the NFL should deny Rush Limbaugh's attempt to become an NFL owner. Professional sports is one of the few venues where the free market holds ownership to task, because the worker and the product are one and the same. In Zirin's own article, he quotes numerous players who wouldn't play for him because of who he is--nothing could better rebuke such a swine like Limbaugh than his own free market destroying him as players refused to play for him. The Rams are awful as it is now. If he buys the team, and the top players refuse to play, as they have said, he stands to lose not only money but also credibility. What could better show how out of touch with the average American Rush is than his alienation of Middle American football fans through the consequences of his racism? As an example, this would have more power than any teach-in to date.