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This story is so factually wrong and misleading, it's sick. None of the links have firsthand, direct-source info. They're all from lefties who can't stand Limbaugh, which is fine and dandy if all they did was hate the guy. Since that's not enough, they manipulate every damn statement linked in this story.

1.) Limbaugh never said what this story claimed he said about slavery. Try to link to a soundbite or transcript of Rush saying what's alleged. Why is that so hard to do? It's such an awful statement that you'd think it would have been all over the place for years, direct from his mouth, huh? You can't link to that because there never ever was a statement like that. All you have are second-hand, third-hand, tenth-hand accounts. Why doesn't Zirin actually do some reporting so he doesn't look like an idiot? Does he like looking like an idiot? I must assume he adores it.

2.) The bus fight thing is a total joke. You link to the dopes at talkingpointsmemo, which did nothing but BS what Limbaugh said. I listen to the guy regularly, if you want a transcript or audio copy about what was actually said, e-mail me. He talked about it for a lot more than the one sentence you included, in the context of the "Is Your Baby Racist?" Newsweek cover story, speaking as a Newsweek moron who would come up with stupid cover stories for stupid magazines that wonder if every calendar in this country is off by about 150 years. If you actually heard what was said on the show, you would have to be at a height of stupidity, impossible to gauge without the aid of telescopes at Mauna Kea, to conclude what was posted at talkingpointsmemo. E-mail me if you want the two (not one) shows that went over all this in detail.

3.) The Crips and Bloods quote--tell me, Zirin, did you actually hear that show? Did you know about all the stuff that was said before that? Did you hear Limbaugh say that (gasp) "LaDainian Tomlinson, Marvin Harrison are the two classiest players in the National Football League," well before the Crips and Bloods part? Gee, aren't those two players black? Did you hear how he said the Crips and Bloods part? Did you hear that part? Not, did you read the transcript. Did you hear it being said, and how it was said, and how it was said in context with all the stuff that came before it? Did you hear what was said after that? Did you hear the caller after that sentence compare NFL players to gang members, and RL questioning what the hell the guy was talking about? Good God, Zirin, can you make any effort in at least pretending to be a journalist? You want a copy of that show, too? E-mail me.

4.) "Twelve percent, who the hell cares" quote--can you tell me where that came from, other than another lefty site that doesn't bother to say when it was said or if there was anything else said before or after that that might be helpful to what was actually said? Just asking. Not like there are any examples of how easy it is to screw with anyone's words.

Look, I don't want anyone at The Nation to get a hernia after attempting to do some real work. But if you promise to try next time, I'll buy you a real nice adjustable double truss.