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Israel and the AIPAC driven fear-mongering that is allowed to happen in the US media are the ones trumpeting the so-called Iran threat. Iran is not a threat to the US. The Iran issue is 100 percent Israeli-created.

When Iranian nukes are mentioned, the double standard with Israel should be immediately pointed out. Israel pre-emptively invades their neighbors and is the unstable, belligerent, aggressive, apartheid force in the Middle East.

Demonizing and warmongering Iran to protect Israel is wrong. Again, the Iranian "issue" is 100 percent Israeli.

Unlike Iran, Israel simply has way too much to hide and wants to keep it that way. When is Israel going to sign the NNPT and allow IAEA inspections ? Which Iran has done.

The US and Israel want Iraninan nuclear transparency? Then Israel better be just as transparent.

Silence about Israeli's nuclear weapons and lack of membership in the NPT while maintaining such harsh rhetoric towards Iran's nuclear program, which is legally allowed to enrich uranium as a NPT member, is an example of the kind of outright double standard BS that the United States has been following in its foreign policy.

When will Obama hold Israel to the same standards that Israel is demanding of Iran and anyone else who threatens Israel's hegemonic agenda? Level the nuclear playing field or get rid of it.

It is in line with Israeli rhetoric to demonize Iran. It takes the focus off them and it's their intention to agitate elsewhere so the world does not focus on their ulterior hegemonic motives.

Let's not forget, whatever Israel accuses another country of doing, you can bet they themselves have already done it.

To wit, Mordecai Vanunu provided info and photos to the London Sunday Times in 1986 about Dimona. During the Kennedy years, Israel allowed American nuke scientists to make "visits" to Dimona, but these proved to be so ineffective they were eventually discontinued. When the scientists were allowed into the plant, they were rushed through and never allowed to see what they needed to see to confirm that Israel was not developing nuclear weapons. Of course, a full inspection of the Dimona plant would have revealed that this was exactly what Israel was doing.

It is telling that President Ford, in 1976, encouraged Iran (then under the US-backed shah) to build both uranium enrichment as well as plutonium-processing plants. How is it that what was permissible then under the 1970 NPT, has now become forbidden--under the very same treaty?

Because Israel wants nuclear monopoly in the Middle East even as it breaks international law with impunity and no consequences.

Ahmadinejad is not liked in Tel Aviv because of his strong criticism of the long and brutal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for a democratic one-state solution for the Middle East conflict, which means that Israel as a "colonial entity" or a "racist state" will be "wiped off the map" and replaced by a state where Jews and Arabs live side by side peacefully and equally.

But Israeli officials and their media pundits kept misquoting the Iranian president, who has recently suggested that he even accepted the two-state solution, if it brings justice to all Palestinians.

After all, again, what Israel accuses others of doing they themselves have already done. After wiping Palestine off the map, Israel currently occupies the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Lebanese Shabaa Farms and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel will not even deny or admit to its truly "clandestine" nuclear program. If you want to talk about nuclear ambiguity, look to Israel.

Much of Iran's willingness to divulge its civilian nuclear program has been exactly that--Iran willingly, and not by any requirement of the NPT, disclosing its nuclear activities.

Why has Iran crossed the supposed rubicon of trust? Because it is not an ally of the US or Israel.

Because it may give a terrorist organization a nuclear weapon? These are ignorant and essentialist views that do not stand up to the facts. It's not Iran that pre-emptively invades, threatens, taunts and warmongers their neighbors. That's Israel.

Tel Aviv needs to be dealt with before Tehran.