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The "Obama Revolution" was abandoned by President Obama on Inauguration Day. Look at his platform and the platform promises dismissed or shelved to die in their own time. We knew he was a moderate when we voted for him, but what we hoped for was a commitment to the realization that a progressive stance was desperatly required in response to the damage done in so many areas of our social and political lives here and abroad. What we got was an almost immediate brush-off, with pandering to and appeasement of the right wing and no seat at the table for progressives--only an aide sent to smile and pat us on the head as progressive intrests were sumerally dismissed. "But doesn't he make you feel good?" No. He doesn't. As one friend said: "This is as close to 'Bush 3' as we could get." I agree.

There's nothing to save; the ship was scuttled by its captain.